About Us

Who are we?

The Namibia Institute of Corporate Governance (NICG) is a non-profit, member-based corporation registered in terms of the Namibian Companies Act, 2004. The NICG was established in February 2016 by like-minded corporate governance professionals in Namibia, with the core aim of encouraging a high-level corporate governance culture in Namibian corporations.


To develop as the most significant national corporate governance reference point, providing knowledge and guidance in the field of Corporate Governance in Namibia.



To champion best business practices and effective corporate governance, positioning Namibia as a regional, continental and global leader; and to be the voice of governance practitioners and associated professionals.



  • Professionalism

  • Transparency

  • Fairness

  • Accountability

  • Dynamism

  • Synergy

Aims and Objectives

The institute seeks to advance the following aims and objectives:

  • Promotion, implementation and regulation of good corporate governance practices in Namibia;

  • Steering of improvements in the Namibian corporate governance sphere, through sensitisation and public awareness amongst corporate and other policy makers, on the need for enhanced public and political leadership;   

  • Training and promotion of commercial probity and effective management with emphasis on transparency and integrity in the corporate community;

  • Enhancing the performance of boards, individual directors and senior management in the private, public, quasi-public, SOE, SMME and NGO sector by advancing their professional expertise, especially as is relevant for effective corporate governance;

  • Periodically reviewing codes of best governance practice within the private, public, SME, NGO, SOE and other sectors (municipal, retirement sectors), and ensuring that same accurately reflects the desired corporate governance standards, practices and culture at all times;

  • Encouraging research and academic discourse in the field of corporate governance in a national and global context; and

  • Setting of professional standards in the field of corporate governance, through corporate governance professional certifications, and collaborations with institutions of higher learning in designing qualifications encompassing any corporate governance aspect.

Directors & Executives

Escher Luanda


Mihe Gaomab II


Libertha Kapere


Damoline Muruko


Steve Galloway


Dantagos Jimmy-Melani


Gida Sekandi


Augusta Negongo

Marketing & Business Development Officer


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